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Big boy @TonyRuthnam cutting #Istanbul at @2454intaj. This guy cuts faster than a sushi chef in #Tokyo. (at twofour54 intaj)

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Mo & P (@wildpeeta & @gourmetshawarma) killed the run w/ @tamegoeswild in #Tokyo today! Burj Khalifa shaped path was the secret shape of the day. (at Tokyo)


Mo + P (@wildpeeta & @gourmetshawarma) meeting with @tamegoeswild and @twinkletame before the Live run through #Tokyo! Don’t miss it on Google+! The link is in our profile. (at 千鳥ヶ淵緑道)


Little TGV is a train themed café with seats, signs, and handles from trains. @wildpeeta & @gourmetshawarma even get a tickets to eat! #Tokyo (at 鉄道居酒屋 LittleTGV)


#Tokyo tip: just look for the best looking place you can find and you’ll end up at @InterConHotels @ANAICTokyo. Easy. (at ANAインターコンチネンタルホテル東京 ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo)


Open Reel from #Tokyo makes crazy #music. @wildpeeta & @gourmetshawarma & #PeetaCrew can’t even explain. Amazing! They use analog instruments and reel to reel recorders to manipulate sounds. 5 of them play simultaneously to create unique sounds and energy. More coming soon on @DubaiOneTV! (at G-ROKS 下高井戸スタジオ)

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Finding Tsuta coffee in #Tokyo is a challenge, but worth it. With no sign, down an alley and off the street, you must want it. Old school machines with a guy that must’ve been making good java for over 20 years now. Pour over blend was on the menu and tasted great. It’s a beautiful hole in the wall experience that is very rewarding. #SocialTravel

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Mohamed and Peyman (@wildpeeta and @gourmetshawarma) in the busiest intersection in the world. Shibuya, #Tokyo (at 渋谷 (Shibuya))


First stop in #Japan was @teamlab_news in #Tokyo! These guys make amazing apps, all collaborating in the open. Genius engineers consult new ideas to pave the future. (at Team☆Lab)

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Tour 2, Country 2: Japan. March 24-29. Let’s go #Tokyo! #SocialTravel

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@Nick_Konda did this in a previous life. What’s next Nick? :) #tokyo #peetaplanet (Taken with instagram)

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